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Dance is Life/Dance is Love

Dance is Love, that's right- LOVE!!

This workshop is a movement-life exploration for ALL people regardless of your movement/dance experience. Bring your lover, close friend, collaborator or even a first date to partner with for this magical movement event!

When we actually make the time to be present in our bodies, with ourselves, the earth on which we stand and each other, we find there is always room for great healing, deeper clarity and authentic expression of truth. Utilizing practices, games, and ideas fundamentally shift the way we can authentically express, find our alignment, learn to listen and trust our innate knowing and expand our awareness, which leads to our personal and collective freedom.

In Dance is Love we begin by creating a golden container of acceptance, creativity, and play. First, we guide everyone to drop into themselves by using everything from breath and energy to solo movement exploration games. Only then do we slowly establish our boundaries, empower our consent and join our partner for the remainder of the workshop. Once in your chosen duo, we will gently guide you through an ever-deepening journey. From movement infused eye gazing to blindfolded trust dances to Contact Improv adaptations, we will lean into fear by literally leaning into each other. Make sure the partner you bring is someone you feel comfortable enough with both touching and receiving touch from.

Dance is Love was created so we may have such a dojo to practice our authentic connection as we lean into fear together, harnessing a profound presence with self, community, and the universe as a whole. Gabriel and Chelsea are educators and activators who specialize in creating experiences that promote releasing the mind and moving into the body. Dance is Love is the practice of what truly brings us into present alignment; so we may learn to listen to the heart, the knowledge of the body, rather than consistently being overwhelmed by the stories of the mind. When this becomes a dedicated practice we find so much more playfulness, depth of connection, and meaning in life.

Contact Gabriel to set up your Private Dance is Love workshop or find out when the next Dance is Life workshop is!